bonk io is a multi-player physical game. Although it is simple, it can also make you addicted and play many games. You will fight with many people here. You need to push them off the platform and let yourself stand. Only the last person standing will win. Therefore, in this strategy game, you need to compete with many people and make yourself the last one on the platform to succeed.’s game features

In Bonkio, a maximum of eight players can accommodate simultaneously. When playing games, you need to be tactful, carefully position yourself, avoid imminent dangers in time, and prepare for a rainy day. You use the arrow keys to move and the X key to make yourself heavier. When you weigh yourself, it will make it very difficult for your enemies to push you. However, as you get more substantial, you will also find it challenging to move flexibly due to your weight, so everything has both advantages and disadvantages. It would be best if you made your strategy to win.

Other contents of

You can design your map in Bonkio and upload your ideas to attract other players to play. You can also play your custom games and define them according to your preferences because, in Bonkio, you are free to do whatever you want.

Bonk io is a simple and addictive game, and you need to control the ball, in a changing environment, you need to push all the other balls down.  Word wipe is an educational and casual game. Once you see a complete and correct word in the letter screen, you can directly click and drag it to connect it into a concept.

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